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Accrue Max DP Magnesium Wheel Set
Accrue Max DP Magnesium Wheel Set - Integrated Hubs - CT301
Accrue Max DP Magnesium Wheel Set.
Magnesium is the strongest metal for the weight and has great
absorption so makes a good wheel. Magnesium is also an
eco-metal and is not made from standard mining.
26" wheels, Disc brake only.
Powder Coated.
Quick release.
Wheel diameter: 573mm
135mm frames and 100mm forks -  Basically for all standard
road bicycles with disc and quick release.
Shimano Cassette.I use with 10 speed.
Adjustable ball bearings, sealed bearing.
Weight: is 3200 grams

Rim brakes can wear off the powder costing so is not advisable.
Black Magnesium Wheels
This item only ships to the USA and Canada
White Magnesium Wheels
The unrelenting speed enthusiast understands the details. Knows the tire is
the leading and trailing edge of your wheel's airfoil and affects aerodynamic
performance by up to 30%. And you want that speed all for yourself. Faster by
design Conventional wisdom says a time trial tire should be a smooth as
possible to keep the air flowing over the wheel. But the reality is, smooth or
not, the inherently "un aero" round cross section of the tire, (remember, the
perfect shape on a leading edge is elliptical, not round) punches the air away
from the rim with all the finesse of a flying brick. The only solution? Create
an aerodynamic boundary layer over the tire to trip air into flowing like it's
on an airfoil. In short, dimples. 14 month's worth dimple plotting, modeling
and calculating plus 2 trips to the wind tunnel to create a dimple pattern
with exactly the right surface roughness for boundary-layer formation. Over a
year's worth of hard labor to save your 1-3 precious watts on race day. Where
the rubber meets the road. While the Tangente is the most aerodynamic tire in
the world (and the only one developed in the wind tunnel) it's not just a
delicate, special-mission TT tire. It's got the guts of a hardened road warrior
thanks to our partnership with Vittoria. Their expertise helped us optimize
the handling, responsiveness and durability of the casing with an ultra-fine
290 tpi Corespan fabric. And the silica rubber compound? It's specially made
just for the Tangente because, as it turns out, the gently scooped dimple
patter is so much more crack resistant than grooved tread patterns we can
use a lighter, better-gripping rubber with a lower rolling resistance than any
other tire on the market. All without sacrificing a bit of durability.
Zipp Tangente Dimpled Tubular Tire 700X21
USA and Canada Only!
1-3 watt power savings
Supple 290 tpi casing
Corner-hugging silica rubber
Puncture resistant construction
Av Weight = 282g +/- 15g
Bicycle Inner Tubes
The tubes below are CST inner tubes.
Inner tubes with bent angle stem or special applications will be noted below.
12-1/2" x 2-1/4"
Tubes and Tires only ships to the USA and Canada
Schrader Inner Tubes
20" x 1-1/8"
Presta Inner Tubes
20" x 1.5/1.75"
24" x 1-3/8"
26" x 1.0"
24" x 1.5/1.75"
26" x 1.75"
26" x 2.125"
20" x 1.75"
700 x 18/23c
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