November 20, 2015
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Anodizing Titanium
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Rainbow Titanium Spokes
Precision Billet Derailleurs
Titanium rainbow anodizing!
Far and Near derailleur
wheel keychian.
price is for for one unit.
Does not include packaging.
Far and Near Derailleur Wheel Keychain
A2z Ultralight Disc Brake Pads
A2z Ultralight pads save almost half the
weight of regular disc brake pads. The
pads are asbestos free, organic material.
The backing plate is aluminum and is
not recomended for severe braking. shed
some weight!
Precision Billet Anodized Aluminum Crank Arm Dust Cap Pair
Crank Arm Dust Caps in Colors
Dust Caps Red
Dust Caps Raw
Dust Caps Blue
Dust Caps Black
Dust Caps Gold
Dust Caps Purple
Dust Caps Orange
Dust Caps Green
Accrue Max DP Magnesium Wheel Set - Integrated Hubs - CT301
Add Gold Titanium Color to Your Entire Order For $2.00
Add Blue Titanium Color to Your Entire Order For $2.00
Add Green Titanium Color to Your Entire Order For $4.00
Add Pink Titanium Color to Your Entire Order For $4.00
Add Brown Titanium Color to Your Entire Order For $2.00
Gun Metal Titanium Color to Your Entire Order For $2.00
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Far and Near
Precision Billet
Anodizing Dyes
Owned and Operated by
Toronto Cycles Productions Inc.
Precision Billet CNC Aluminum Crank arm dust caps.
For use with all standard cranks.
These caps make for a more finished look and hides the crank bolt.
Uses a 6mm socket. 22m Threading
5 grams per pair.
Closed Gap = 6.2mm
5 Titanium Chain Ring Bolts (Doubles)
All standard chainring bolts use the 2 notch tool on the nut section
5 Titanium Chain Ring Bolts (Singles)
Titanium Chainring Bolts
4 Titanium Chain Ring Bolts (Singles)
4 Titanium Chain Ring Bolts (Doubles)
Closed gap = 4mm
Titanium Seat Post Binder Nut and Bolt
19mm Binder - Raw
22mm Binder - Raw
25mm Binder - Raw
Point One Racing
Point One Racing = Lightest Headset Spacersin the World:

The Point One Nano Second Spacer. Super light and they
did a wonderful job on the machining and finish. These
are machined to very exacting tolerances to fit perfectly
over an 1 1/8" fork tube. Black Only.

5 mm: 1.1 g
10 mm: 1.9 g
20 mm: 3.7 g
30 mm: 5.1
Please Note: The 20mm and 30mm Are USA and Canada
10mm Nano Second Spacer
20mm Nano Second Spacer
30mm Nano Second Spacer
5mm Nano Second Spacer
50% OFF!
Point One Racing Nano Second Headset Spacers
Magura MT2 Titanium Brake Lever Bolt
This is for One titanium bolt for
Magura MT2 levers.
This uses a torx socket like the
stock bolts.
$2.60 Each
MT2 Bolt - Raw
MT2 Bolt - Blue
MT2 Bolt - Gold
Precision Billet Red Derailleur
Wine Red-  Alloy Plates - Polish Finish
PTFE baked coating for lubricous coating
far and Near Jockey Wheels
Silver Titanium hardware

Derailleur Specs:
2;1 ratio for Shimano and most Sram shifter types.
Sram uses a different ratio on some shifters (ESP)
so please make sure compatiable
average weight with alloy cages: 158 grams
Jockey Bolt center to center = 93mm (XL)
Instructions NOT included.

All specs, weights, warranty, shipping and other
information is available at
USA and CANADA only!
International is an extra 60.00 in shipping.
Precision Billet Red Derailleur - Alloy Long Cage
This is for a titanium seat post binder nut and bolt with
washer. This is very common on steel frames.
The nut porton doesn't have the notch as it's not
producible this way in ti. Instead the nut is allen hex.
Uses 5mm allen key
8mm shaft diameter.
11.8mm head diameter.
6mm internal threads. Threads are 10mm long.
Washer is 1.5mm thick
Closed gap does not includes washer.
19mm closed gap = 17.5mm closed with washer.
Anodized colors ava. Black Titanium Ava.

Please check your size carefully. The threaded section is
a bit shorter on these to keep weight down. Please make
sure your closed gap is close to the listed
measurements. The nut can be ground back as well to
make gap shorter.
I cannot swap without shipping charges being applied!
BLACK is on the Black Titanium Bolt page
Accrue Max DP Magnesium Wheel Set.
Magnesium is the strongest metal for the weight and has great absorption so makes a good wheel.
Magnesium is also an eco-metal and is not made from standard mining.
26" wheels, Disc brake only.
Powder Coated., Quick release Skewer setup.
Wheel diameter: 573mm
135mm frames and 100mm forks -  Basically for all standard road bicycles with disc and quick release.
Shimano Cassette.I use with 10 speed.
Adjustable ball bearings, sealed bearing.
Weight: is 3200 grams
Rim brakes can wear off the powder costing so is not advisable
Black Magnesium Wheels
This item only ships to the USA and Canada
White Magnesium Wheels
Precision Billet
Full CNC Aluminum
• Replaceable cleat
• Axle is Titanium.
• 3 Sealed Ball
Bearings. 2 bearings on
the inner for extra

• Weight 85 grams each
Sold In Pairs
AEST CNC Platform Pedals with Ti Axle -
Butterfly 07 Series - OIL SLICK!
Owned and Operated by Toronto
Cycles Productions Inc.
Visit us at our walk in store at
2438 Kingston Rd in Toronto.
Hours are by appointment
We have a large selection of
titanium fasteners  and
Titanium Anodizing Services
Come in the store to check out the blog.
Titanium motorcycle and Bicycle Bolts
We have had to increase shipping on all orders outside
the USA and Canada to $10.00. In the past we have
taken too far of a loss on shipping.
If you are in USA or Canada and have been overcharged I
will refund the extra shipping over 5.00. USA and
Canada is still
$5.00. The change took place on October
28, 2015

USA and Canadian orders over 100.00 are Free Shipping!


Selecting the wrong country to save on shipping will be
a refund.
The website is going under a full update to
reflect these changes.
M5x10mm Titanium Torx Disc Brake Rotor Bolts
$1.00 Each
M5x10mm titanium torx bolts for front disc brake rotors. Uses a t25 socket.
Raw Torx
Gold Torx
Green Torx
Titanium Torx Bolts
Blue Torx
Please limit 12 per customer
Lavender Torx
Far_and_Near Chain ring Bolts
Far and Near Chainring Bolts. These
are used on all Silgle (Road) chain
ring applications.
Slotted nuts. 4mm closed gap.
1.6 grams each.
Far and Near Chain Ring Nut/Bolt Set  (Road - Singles)   
$12.00 Set of 4
$15.00 Set of 5
4 Far and Near Red
4 Far and Near Black
4 Far and Near Gold
4 Far and Near Silver
4 Far and Near Blue
4 Far and Near Green
5 Far and Near Red
5 Far and Near Black
5 Far and Near Gold
5 Far and Near Silver
5 Far and Near Blue
5 Far and Near Green
Titanium Bolts, Aluminum Bolts, Toronto Bike Parts, Titanium Bike Bolts
Far and Near Cable kits. The list below shows the full kit for Brake and Shifter.
The kit is for MTB and Road. The brake cable has the 2 attachments on either end of the cable.
This is standard and one end needs to be cut off.
*Brake housing length:2,500mm / Diameter:5mm
*Derailleur housing length:1,800mm / Diameter:4mm
*Brake cable length_Front:1,350mm / Rear:2,350mm
Material:Stainless / Diameter:1.5mm(for Shimano system )
*Derailleur cable length_ Front:1,500mm / Rear:2,100mm
Material:Stainless / Diameter:1.1mm(for Shimano system)
*End tips:10pcs (Fit for 1.6mm cables or smaller)
*Tube tops:2pcs for brake housing use and 2pcs for derailleur housing
*End caps:4pcs for brake housing use and 4pcs for derailleur housing
*Donuts:2pcs for derailleur cables use and 2pcs for brake cables
Far and Near Cable Kits
$35.00 Full Kit
Shifter Half Only
$20.00 Half Kit
Brake Half Only